London based photographer Neil Mason is just as likely to see beauty on a sidewalk as he is on a catwalk.

His photography displays a carefully considered appreciation of everything around him.

Neil studied architecture and photography and has many years of experience in the creative and fashion industries - as well as art direction. Mason’s lens looks at the everyday viewed in a way you don’t see every day. An ability to discover beauty in the mundane. The ordinary made extraordinary.

Commissions for architectural photography feed Mason’s obsessive addiction for capturing the world around him. He captures style, luxury and sophistication in all his work.

But Neil is primarily a fashion photographer who’s developed a unique style with his instinctive talent for portraits, backstage and catwalk photography. He documents stories in a personal and engaging way. His approach to capturing the electric atmosphere in a minimal, clean and premium way reflects the brands he works with. This enigmatic and poetic approach connects with client’s, models and designers alike; favouring Masons clean and keen eye for composition and detail with pure style.

Mason prides himself on the art of story-telling and documenting fashion shows for his clients so they can look back on them in years to come. Memories to remember and share.

Neil’s enigmatic approach to art direction and photography has caught the eye of many luxury brands and clients whether he’s pointing his lens at concrete or cotton.

And whether he’s photographing in Soho or Shoreditch, Los Angeles, Paris or Milan. Shooting Nike, Versace, Westwood, Dior, Paul Smith or Louis Vuitton, Neil Mason’s images add life to campaigns and breathe his distinctive freshness into editorial and commercial photography.

‘Photography has never felt like work to me and I love that feeling…

the feeling of timeless discovery.’



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